How to Wear a Brooch

How to Wear a Brooch

A brooch - whether big or small - can make all the difference between an outfit that’s just okay, and an outfit that blows everyone away.

A small accessory that can make a big impact on your clothing, brooches are a great way to spice up a look and add a touch of your personality to your outfit.

A brooch may be something you once only associated with an older generation, but not anymore. Back on the scene, loud, proud, front, and centre, brooches are taking over fashion once again. You heard it here first!

What is a brooch?

A brooch is a fashion accessory, usually defined as jewellery or an ornament. Brooches typically have a pin attached to fasten it to your clothes. Initially created to clasp clothing together, brooches are now a fashion item to enhance your outfit and show off your personal style.

When are brooches worn?

Brooches can be worn at any time, anywhere, if you feel like it. Fashion is all about expressing yourself, so if you feel like wearing a brooch don’t hold yourself back! 

For those not yet bold enough to wear a brooch to the supermarket, you might feel more comfortable starting to incorporate them at more formal occasions. Fancier events such as weddings are a great place to wear a brooch without feeling too out of place. Other appropriate places to wear a brooch are birthday parties, christenings, and when you’re out to dinner.

Brooches have gone through many different style eras and have ridden the wave of popularity. Previously seen as more of a traditional older generational item, brooches are starting to make their come-back again in 2024; seen on many celebrities this year as they walk the red carpets at movie premieres and fashion shows.

How to wear a brooch 

So, you’ve picked out the perfect brooch and really want to pair it with a new outfit, but before you do you need to know, how do you actually wear a brooch?

You can wear a brooch however you like but here are some of the most popular ways to style it:

  • The traditional way:
    The most common way to wear a brooch is on the left or right of the chest, just below the collarbone. Pinned nicely to your shirt, the brooch will be in full view. This way of wear is for those who want people to notice and check out their new fashion accessory.
  • Pin it on your bag:
    Want your personality to show through your style but don’t want to flaunt it? Pop your brooch on your handbag. More of a subtle way to show your style and a great way to add some pizazz to a tired bag, this offers a good option for people who aren’t comfortable pinning to their clothing.

  • On your collar:
    A popular way to wear a brooch is on the collar of a shirt or jacket. If you have a nice neck and want to accentuate that feature, pop a brooch on the collar to pull focus to that area.
  • Use it to secure your shawl:
    A great way to mix function and aesthetics, if you’re wearing a shawl on a night out, use a brooch to fasten it.

  • Pop it on a scarf:
    So, you can wear a brooch with a shawl but how do you wear a brooch with a scarf? Very much the same way. Although a scarf isn’t necessarily falling like a shawl, you can use it to clasp it in place, stopping the ends from flapping about.
  • Bunch them:
    For those who are anything but subtle, make a serious fashion statement and bunch your brooches. Grab a couple with a similar style or colour and put them on in a cluster, for a bold eye-catching look.

Different types of brooches

Brooches come in all sorts of different styles, colours, and sizes. You are sure to find one that suits your sense of style.

The most fashionable and popular brooches currently are those that resemble flowers. A timeless statement, a flower can sit proudly upon someone’s chest and yet blend nicely into the outfit, without feeling out of place.

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