Different Types of Hair Ties: What's Best For Your Hair Type?

For those with long hair, nothing is worse than having your hair constantly falling into your face. And let’s be real, the days where we reach for our hair tie but find we’ve forgotten it at home are never a good one.

With the constant need to have our hair tied up, whether that be on a run, in the workplace, or just relaxing at home, the humble hair tie is a girl’s best friend. So functional but also fashionable, hair bands allow us to wear different, stylish, and comfortable hairstyles.

As an everyday staple item have you ever really considered what type of hair tie is best for your hair? Let’s find out what hair ties are on the market and which one is the best for your hair type.

Different types of hair ties

There are many different types of hair ties, the most common are:

Elastic hair ties

The most used and popular hair tie, elastic hair ties are an old faithful that every girl has worn not only in their hair but on their wrist at some point. Best for braids, ponytails, and buns, the elastic hair tie is a reliably tough hair accessory - but is known to leave the dreaded hair tie dent after being worn.

Spiral hair ties

The spiral hair tie gets its name from its coiled appearance. Made of plastic or rubber, the spiral hair tie won’t wrap too tightly around your hair, creating less pressure on your scalp. 

Ribbon hair ties

Adding a cute and stylish pop to your outfit, ribbon hair ties are a great accessory to spice up your look. Made of ribbon, the hair tie is tied in a bow to secure the hair, which puts little pressure on your hair and scalp.


If you're looking for colour options or funky patterns the scrunchie is the right choice. Large and made of fabric, typically silk or cotton, scrunchies are certainly a fashion statement. Not as hard on the hair scrunchies also are less likely to cause hair breakage. Paris Mode has a fabulous range of patterned scrunchies, for every style.

Best hair ties for thick hair

Our pick: Elastic hair ties

Elastic hair ties are the best choice for those with thick hair. Thick hair is hard to keep up, with all that weight, you need a hair tie that can be looped around as many times as you need to apply enough pressure to get a good hold of the hair. Elastic hair ties can handle the weight and will keep thicker hair up in whatever style you desire.

The main drawback of elastic ties is that if you are not used to wearing elastic hair ties, your scalp will not yet be used to the pressure they create. Initially, your scalp may be a bit sore from use but after a week or two of consistent use, you won’t experience any more discomfort.  

Best hair ties for fine hair

Our pick: Ribbon hair ties

Ribbon hair ties are fantastic for those with thin hair as they won’t pull on the hair. A ribbon hair tie will hold only lightly which is fine, as the hair is thin enough that it doesn’t require much pressure to keep it in place. They are also great as you won’t get an unsightly hair dent that thin hair is so prone to.

Best hair ties for curly hair 

Our pick: Elastic hair ties

For those of you with wild curly locks, it can be difficult to get a hair tie that will stay in place but not break your curls. Elastic hair ties that are the right size for your amount of curls are the best option. They are functional because they are strong enough to keep hold, but also if they are the right size they are less likely to damage your hair. Be sure to test a few options to find the right size for you. 

Best Hair ties for wavy hair

Our pick: Scrunchies

Wavy hair and scrunchies offer the hairstyle aesthetic of our dreams. Wavy hair will easily be held up by a scrunchie and the wave of the hair combined with the wave of the seam of a scrunchie makes a match made in heaven.

Best hair ties for short hair

Our pick: Small elastic hair ties

Elastic hair ties in a mini version are a go-to for short hair. They are small enough that you don’t have to wind a hair tie around 50 times just to stay put. Also, they apply enough pressure you know they won’t just slip off and will hold tight in place.

Best hair ties for long hair

Our pick: Scrunchies

Long hair can be a real hassle at times so tying it up is a common practice. Scrunchies are not only stylish but a practical option for long hair. This is because they are hair ties that aren’t likely to break and have a long life span, as they will be in use so often.

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