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Headbands are a classic way to complete any outfit. A well-designed headband can gently keep the hair away from your face while effortlessly bringing a splash of colour to your look. That’s why they’ve been a part of French fashion for more than 100 years! A well-chosen headband is a timeless hair accessory that works in a range of looks. And a well-made headband, like those we stock at Paris Mode, can last through years of style changes.


At Paris Mode, we love headbands for any look, and we love bringing a huge range of Parisian styled and created headbands to the Australian fashion scene. Our headbands have been personally selected by our in-house stylists and fashion experts, and we have collected a broad range of high-quality bands from genuine Parisian designers and craftsmen that produce the best of French fashion accessories. Whether you prefer a minimal strip headband, velvet or brocade headband, or a bold turban-style headband, Paris Mode has something for you to love and wear for any occasion.


Velvet Headbands


Velvet headbands are a luxurious addition to your style. The deep colours that velvet displays bring richness and texture to your style and to your hair and can really bring out the depth of colour in your own hair. A carefully considered and selected headband is a great way to not just wear clothes. It’s an opportunity to complete an outfit and express your personal sense of style and visual identity. A velvet headband ensures your statement is bold, vivid and striking.

Velvet headbands are also an easy way to dress your hair for an event without having to commit to an elaborate hairstyle or professional styling. A velvet headband can be chosen to match your dress or suit colour and allows you to wear your hair down, while still keeping it away from your face. Our collection of Parisian velvet headbands can help you achieve a look of easy, graceful style for any occasion.

Hair Accessories

Paris Mode stocks a range of hair accessories. Just like our headband collection, our hair accessory collections are extensive displays of Parisian fashion and style brought directly into Australia and offered to you at the convenience of your own home. Whether your preference is for a delicate hairpin, a minimal strap headband, or you need a fabulous fascinator or striking side comb, Paris Mode has personally selected beautiful collections from the heart of Paris for you to buy online. We ship directly to you and offer rapid shipping options, so you can add the final French touches to your outfits at any time, from anywhere.

If you’re looking for something special, something inspired, and something truly Parisian for your style, check out our hair accessory collections here. We have carefully searched the Parisian fashion scene for the best in hair accessories to bring to Australia, and stock only pieces that have been made in France to the highest standards. Take a look at our selection of Parisian hair accessories here.


Lip Alice Band



Leopard 1.5 cm Flat Headband



Leopard 3 cm Flat Headband



Leopard 4 cm Flat Headband



Julia Crystal Bow Alice Band