Paris Mode is a line of eco-conscious, high-quality jewellery and hair accessories for everyday wear as well as special occasions. Paris Mode was established in 1986 by Madeleine Petit and Bernard Thiesson. The company started creating Hair Accessories until it branched into the world of Jewellery, Fragrances and Fashion. It has been growing ever since, and now carries a wide range of French products.

Paris Mode distributes its products to high-end fashion boutiques and department stores throughout Australia and selected stores around the world. Paris Mode has showcased in 35 David Jones stores and the main showroom is located on 386 Oxford St, Paddington.


1986 | Birth | Madeleine and Bernard created the first Hair Accessories collection, consisting mostly of Hair Bows and Hair Bands which then presented to one of the major Australian fashion retailers. The success was instant and great. Madeleine and Bernard flew to France and secured the support of the best manufacturers of handmade hair accessories. On their return, they presented a new collection to the Australian leading department store David Jones and once again, the success was notable. Ever since, Paris Mode has been supplying ten leading David Jones department stores.

1990 | Growth | Paris Mode started distributing its products to up market fashion boutiques locally and internationally.

1996-2006 | Stores | The first Paris Mode shop was opened in the trendy area of Noosa, Queensland in 1996 and then the second shop on Little Collins Street, Melbourne. In 2006, Paris Mode moved their headquarters onto the fashionable spot, Paddington with a brand-new retail showroom identity.


Paris Mode hair accessories and jewellery are designed in house, made of the premium components in close collaboration with more than forty suppliers such as Swarovski, Mazzucchelli Italy and Liberty London.

Our accessories are made of high-quality Italian Cellulose Acetate which is an eco-friendly non-petroleum-based material originating from renewable resources of wood pulp, cotton and wool fibres. Cellulose Acetate is a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based products and unlike other plastics, it is biodegradable and environment friendly. This luxurious material has been used widely by the high-end world fashion brands in the manufacturing of their sunglasses, jewels and hair accessories. Some of the notable characteristics of acetate are as following:

  • Eco-friendly

  • Luxurious look: Acetate frames are carved out of rich coloured blocks some of which have patterns embedded to it, while standard plastic has to be spray painted in order to achieve patterns or shine.

  • Comfortable: High flexibility of Acetate will allow the shape of items to be adjusted to the wearer head shape gradually by using.

  • Long lasting: Acetate are more durable than standard plastic.

  • Extremely light weight

  • Soft glossy finish



Paris Mode focuses on quality and excellence in craftsmanship. It takes many steps to produce each piece of Paris Mode Accessories. All our products are designed in house and are handcrafted in France by expert craftsmen combining traditional methods and technology with the highest quality standards.


We come from a place where our number one focus is to help and satisfy our customers. Our motto is "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"! We take pride in our high standard of customer service. We focus on listening, and making a real connection with our customers.

We believe that people are our greatest resources, and we have a team who are loving souls, committed to serving and helping customers with what they really want. We understand that business success is a process, not an event.