How to Wear & Pull Off a Fascinator

How to Wear & Pull Off a Fascinator

Ladies, it’s time to elevate your look. As we know every good trend in fashion comes back around and now it’s time again for the fascinator. The fascinator has never actually left the scene. Although most popular in the 1980’s, fascinators have always made appearances at our big occasions, and recently, have had a huge boost in popularity proving it’s a headpiece that is here to stay. Nothing says elegance and refinement like a fascinator does - but the question is, not only how do you wear a fascinator, but how do you pull it off?

What is a fascinator? 

It’s all very well wanting to know how to wear a fascinator, but first you need to know what one is. A fascinator is made of a moulded fabric base, which is then adorned with things such as feathers and beads in many different decorative manners. The decorative part is then attached to either a hair clip, comb, or headband so that it can be worn, staying securely upon the wearer’s head, ready to dazzle and amaze at the next big event.

When are fascinators worn?

A fascinator is normally worn at a formal occasion, most commonly seen at weddings, events and horse races. Arguably made the most popular in the modern-day through media coverage of royal weddings such as former Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. A fashion symbol that certainly emphasises the royal aspect of the wedding, wearing a fascinator can be seen as a status symbol and brings an element of timeless class to your outfit. 

Like with anything in fashion, you should approach it with the mentality that if you love it, wear it. Although once a very formal headpiece, now more semi-formal occasions such as birthday parties and gallery celebrations are places where the fascinator can be accepted and worn with pride.

Once you put one on, we’d understand why you might never want to take it off, and although we certainly recommend it being a part of your event wardrobe, it might not be ideal to wear to your Pilates class.

How to wear a fascinator

 So how do you wear a fascinator? It’s all in what side you pick and the angle you go for. Left, right, back, front, slanted, or straight - who knew there were so many ways to wear one tiny headdress!

If you want to go for a traditional look, wear your fascinator on the right-hand side of your head. Back in the day, a gentleman would walk on a woman’s left side, therefore she would wear her fascinator on the right side, so her face wasn’t obstructed. 

 A big factor in how to wear a fascinator is how long or short your hair is. So, how do you wear a fascinator with short hair? The best look for short-haired ladies is to wear a fascinator that is on a clip. Wearing a clip-on means you have the ability to position it wherever you like and make sure it’s nice and secure. A slip in comb fascinator may not work with short hair, and a headband is more suited to those with longer locks.

It’s always good to look at those celebs who have similar hair as you, who have been captured out and about wearing a fascinator, so you can see what you like. One of the best examples of how to wear a fascinator with hair down is showcased by Amal Clooney, the wife of timeless heartthrob George Clooney, at the royal wedding. Donned in a matching yellow dress and fascinator with her gorgeous long hair softly curled, Amal looked just the part. Opting for a larger fascinator on a firm 90-degree slant for a confident look that highlighted both the hat and her immaculate hair, neither detracting from one another. 

Another great way to wear a fascinator with long hair is on a headband. This way your hair is kept out of your face, but the fascinator is also securely fixed so there is never any accidental slip.

Different types of fascinators

There are many different types of fascinators to choose from. An original adaptation of the formal cocktail hat, the fascinator is ever evolving. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some even being larger than the head the woman is wearing it upon. Some are so tiny that they could rival an elegant hair clip. The most common fascinator in today’s market seems to be one block colour, moulded to fit one side of the head, with a tasteful trimming of netting to slightly obscure the face and add an air of mystery to the wearer.

Styling your fascinator 

Our advice for wearing and styling a fascinator? Make sure it matches the colour of your bag and shoes. This is best practice if you're just starting out and still a little apprehensive about garnering the attention such a wonderful piece is sure to get. By colour matching, you're helping it blend in seamlessly with your outfit, showing that you’ve got a real sense of style. For those of you who are bolder, stand out with a bright colour that might not already be in your palette, such as a fuchsia pink, or go for a bold texture with a large tuft of feathers. Life’s too short to blend into the background. Be brave and make the fashion choices that boost your confidence and status.

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