7 Ways to Style Your Hair Using a Claw Clip

7 Ways to Style Your Hair Using a Claw Clip Blog - Featured Image

We’re just going to say it - claw clips are getting the renaissance that they deserve. Claw clips have long been a fan favourite for those who love being able to clip their hair back without damaging the hair itself; but it would be remiss of us not to admit that claw clips are having a real moment on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

A claw clip is a hair clip, generally made from metal, plastic - or in the case of Paris Mode - Italian acetate. The clip itself has two ‘claws’ that open and shut with a clasp at the back of the clip, allowing the clip to hold onto and clasp hair in place.

Like many of life’s luxuries, the claw clip originated in France. In 1989, French inventor Christian Potut designed the claw clip to merge two hair accessory staples - the hair comb, and the hair clip. The end result? The perfect hair accessory that is both functional and fun. Back then, claw clips were often adorned with sparkles, jewels, and funky patterns - it was the 90s after all. Today, however, claw clips can be found in all shapes and sizes; with sleek tortoiseshell and solid block colours found in almost every woman’s arsenal.

Styling Your Hair with a Claw Clip


1. The Everyday Claw Pony

As one of the easiest styles to create (and pull off), the practical ponytail is great for everyday wear. The simple addition of a claw clip can elevate it — start by gathering your hair into a ponytail from the nape of your neck and secure it with a claw clip. Low ponytails are also low-tension, meaning that you won’t feel the ‘tightness’ of the clip against your head. 

A claw clip can also help you achieve a more voluminous look, that regular hair ties can’t. Try putting your hair up in a high pony and separate it into two sections using the length of the claw clip. Let your hair fall back for a more ponytail with more volume!

 claw clip pony style


2. The French Twist

The French Twist is the perfect example of effortless elegance only achieved with a claw clip. If you don’t already know how to create the French Twist, start by gathering your hair upwards from your neck with one hand, and twist it inwards so that it spirals in of itself toward your head. Secure the bunch with a claw clip using your other hand, and tuck any loose strands in with hair pins, and voilà, you’re done. 

claw clip hairstyle

Hot tip: focus on keeping your hair together as you twist it upwards, especially if you have thicker hair, that’s the trickiest part! Or, opt for a messier look by leaving the ends of your hair out instead of securing it all with the clip. 


3. Creating a Bun

Bun claw clips  are perfect for adding to a sophisticated outfit to any outfit. Same thing — gather and twist your hair upwards until it becomes a nice and compact bun. Hold it in place with a claw clip and you have a super elegant look that shows that you’re ready for business, and that you mean business. 

You can also mix up the bun style by committing to a half-bun instead. Split your hair into two sections and form a bun with the upper half. Place a claw clip right under the half bun to hold it in place for a more casual look.

ways to style hair using claw clip 


4. Half Up, Half Down

Claw clips work beautifully for half-up, half-down styles. Using a claw clip to gather the top section of your hair can really uplift it and provide a nice visual break between the rest of your hair below.  

Because it’s such a versatile style, you can get really creative with it as well. Why limit yourself to just one claw clip? Get two mini ones instead and place them on either side for an added touch of playfulness. 

how to style claw clip 


5. Slicked Back Looks

 Slicked back looks are in season, and no other hair accessory complements this refined style like the claw clip. Get your hair neat and combed back from the crown of your head with some gel (bonus points for a hair mask) and secure the rest of your hair with a claw clip at the nape of your neck.

Slicked-back hair that ends neatly in a bun is particularly stylish with a claw clip. Once you’ve pulled your hair back tightly, use a claw clip as a tasteful crowning centrepiece.

 claw clip hair styles


6. Claw Clip Styles for Short Hair

Having short hair doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on using a claw clip. Here are a few ideas:

• Instead of holding the back of your hair, use a claw clip to pin up one side of your hair for a modern side-swept hairstyle.

• If your hair is long enough to gather into a bun, you can try twisting it into a tight doughnut and securing it with a claw clip. The ends of your hair will stick out to create a spiky bun look.


7. Taming Long Hair

Holding large bunches of long hair is what claw clips do best.  Tame your long hair and keep it out of your face with these hairstyle ideas:

• Have too much hair to hold with just a regular-sized claw? Try a jumbo claw clip to get ahold of your hair once you’ve bundled it up.

• Vertical buns are a great way to manage longer hair. Twisting your hair further up toward the top of your head to create a vertical bun, and then secure it with a claw clip.

claw clip for long hair


Shop Claw Clips with Paris Mode

Paris Mode has an extensive collection of claw clips in all sizes, from mini clips to XL-sized clips to complement any hairstyle. Browse our range of high-quality hair claw clips today and add them to your accessories to be ready for any occasion!

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