Claw Clips

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Claw Lace
$ 19.95 AUD
Claw Fork Small
$ 14.95 AUD
Claw Fork Medium
$ 19.95 AUD
Claw Fork Large
$ 24.95 AUD
Concord Clip Metallic
$ 69.95 AUD
Claw Dolphin S
$ 19.95 AUD
Claw Dolphin Small
$ 14.95 AUD
Claw Dolphin Medium
$ 19.95 AUD
Claw Dolphin Dia Small
$ 55.00 AUD
Claw Amy Camellia Pave
$ 139.00 AUD
Claw Amy Camellia
$ 99.00 AUD
Triple Camellia Claw
$ 145.00 AUD
Triple Pave Crystal Camellia Claw
$ 395.00 AUD
Triple Camellia Crystal Claw
$ 279.00 AUD

Stylish Claw Clips

Claw clips are a timeless way to complete any look. These often-underappreciated clips are multi-faceted, and allow for you to style your hair in a diverse range of classic styles. Oozing Parisian chic, they are straightforward to use but do not damage your hair like a hair elastic does.

The casual elegance of hair swept up in a clay clip becomes the perfect companion to any modern outfit, letting you look subtly chic - the cornerstone of Parisian style. The diverse range of classic hairstyles available with the claw clip means it can be used day or night; for casual outings or an evening dinner date. Our claw clips come in a range of sizes, suitable to pull back small sections of hair or pull it all together in a chic up-do.

All of the clips at Paris Mode are made from eco-friendly acetate, a natural and renewable material. By choosing acetate over traditional plastic you can get beautiful, long-lasting accessories that won’t compromise your environmental values. Acetate also allows for colours to shine through richer than ever, creating stunning, eye-catching hair clips. Our range of beautiful French artisanal claw clips are available online across Australia.


Commitment to detail

Each of our chic hair clips are not only designed with a classic style to cut through fashion fazes, but also to withstand years of use. We pride ourselves on a commitment to detail with each clip and hair accessory and use only high-grade materials such as eco-friendly acetate. These are French-made artisanal products created by experts in their field and the attention to detail in each piece is clear, oozing cool understated Parisian chic.

Here at Paris Mode our focus is on high quality, artisanal products made with the utmost care. Every one of our timeless hair accessories are carefully designed with longevity in mind; we want your hair clips to last you through years of questionable fashion trends! Our aim is to make well made, classic clips accessible, and are proud to have made our hair accessories available online across Australia.


Timeless Hair Clips

The right hair clip can become a timeless accessory that works with a range of outfits, from casual to glamorous - although who says we can’t be both at once! Our wide-ranging collection of classic hair clips presents endless opportunities to style your hair in the chic French girl style we all aspire to, and we are proud to make these accessories available across Australia and internationally.

Hair clips like claw clips and barrettes have traversed many fashion trends over the years, and there is a reason for that. Our timeless range of hair clips come in an array of classic colours and patterns, and thanks to high-grade acetate material and quality workmanship we utilise they are durable enough to last you for years to come. Whether you favour subtle, discreet clips, or something more eye-catching, our hair clips will carefully hold back your hair while adding a pop of colour and detail to your outfit.