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Camellia 1.5 cm Ivory Alice Band

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Let your natural beauty shine through by slicking back your hair and holding it in place with the Camellia Alice Band. Pair it with a flowy summer dress or contemporary suit for a modern feminine look.

  • Handcrafted in France
  • Ergonomic Design: Optimum Comfort with Tapered Rounded Ends 
  • Flexible Material
  • Adjustable hold

Durable Materials

Our Comfort headbands are made from high-quality Cellulose Acetate. This luxurious, eco-friendly material originates from cotton and wool fibres and is super strong and flexible. The slightly tapered rounded ends reduce the pressure on the head and the Alice band will mould to the shape of your head with use due to the nature of the Acetate, providing the best fit and comfort.

Italian Cellulose Acetate
Width ≈ 1.5 cm
Camellia Width ≈ 3 cm