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Dark Tortoiseshell Jewellery

Dark Tortoiseshell Jewellery

Paris Mode Dark Tortoiseshell Jewellery Online

Browse the full range of Paris Mode’s gorgeous range of dark tortoiseshell jewellery online. We have a stunning selection of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, chains and headbands, all in the lovely dark tortoiseshell pattern.

Dark tortoiseshell jewellery offers a classic look that has worked within fashion for decades and survived various trends. Its neutral colour scheme means that dark tortoiseshell remains ones of the most timeless pallets to suit all skin tones. Dark tortoiseshell jewellery is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something different to solid neutral colours but still offers a funky and unique pattern.

Each Paris Mode dark tortoiseshell jewellery piece is made with an eco-friendly Italian Acetate, which is lightweight and stylish. Our pieces are comfortable to wear, look glamorous, and come in hundreds of styles to shop from - there’s an accessory to match any outfit! 

Shop Dark Tortoiseshell Jewellery Online

Paris Mode’s online dark tortoiseshell collection has modern and fun styles in all our jewellery pieces and hair accessories. Whether its simple hoops in the dark tortoiseshell print or a glamourous layered necklace for a plunging neckline, Paris Mode has the perfect piece for every wearer. 

Is your dark tortoiseshell jewellery ethically made?

Yes. Paris Mode is the perfect place if you’re looking for eco-conscious jewellery online. Designed in-house between ateliers in France and Australia, our pieces are made from high-quality Italian cellulose Acetate. As an alternative to petroleum-based products, cellulose acetate is a sustainable material made from cotton, wool fibres and wood pump.

Our workers are all exceptional and highly skilled at what they do in their delicate manufacturing techniques to produce the best products for you. Paris Mode is committed to providing a living wage for our fantastic team who care about every piece they make. The ateliers producing Paris Mode dark tortoiseshell jewellery are internationally accredited for their safe working conditions.

What are the most popular styles of dark tortoiseshell jewellery?

Paris Mode offers many styles within the dark tortoiseshell jewellery collection, but there are particular faves that our customers always come back for. Some of these include:

Earrings: Whether dangly earrings or studs, dark tortoiseshell is a popular choice for new earrings. How you style these earrings will determine how much of a statement they make.

Necklaces: Dark tortoiseshell necklaces are a staple in anyone’s collection. The neutral tones make it suitable for so many skin tones and outfits, from a vacation look to a special evening out.

Bracelets: Bracelets don’t need to have charms or be gold or silver to be beautiful. Dark tortoiseshell bracelets are perfect for every day and to complement a simple, monotone outfit. Paris Mode has dark tortoiseshell bracelets that come in cuffs or bangles.

When wearing these pieces, you’ll be surprised at how lightweight, soft, and comfortable our acetate earrings and necklaces are. Also, Acetate temperature will align with the body temperature. So, unlike metal jewellery, you won’t feel coldness or discomfort when wearing our dark tortoiseshell pieces.

How can I style dark tortoiseshell jewellery?

Dark tortoiseshell is a chic option for those wanting to explore their styles a bit more. However, dark tortoiseshell is extremely fun and can provide a splash of pattern to any outfit. Here are some ways you could potentially style any number of our pieces:

Earrings: Dark tortoiseshell earrings look great with outfits with a solid colour, natural, or earthy tones that suit the pattern best.

Necklaces: Dark tortoiseshell necklaces are the perfect vacation accessory. Try pairing it with a plunging neckline with a solid-coloured dress or top.

Bracelets: Pair a neutral-toned outfit with layered dark tortoiseshell bracelets, whether its bangles or cuffs. They will stand out but complement the solid colour of your outfits.

Can I see your dark tortoiseshell jewellery in-store?

You can see our dark tortoiseshell jewellery collection at our stunning Sydney showroom at 386 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021.

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