Dali Haute Parfumerie The Daligramme Ma Flamme

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Ma Flamme takes us into a carnal world of vibrant sensuality and eternal seduction. “For Ma Flamme, I wanted to create an animalistic perfume, a sensual and burning amber, in the image of their exclusive and passionate love. The spiciness of bergamot contrasts with the aromatic vapours of absinthe and Russian sage, both sweet and herbaceous, coming to distil a bit of Slavic soul, like a wink to Gala's origins. The enticing and voluptuous amber with rose from Turkey, a symbol of an infinite and passionate love combined in perfect harmony orchestrated by the richness of the base, where the velvety and captivating tones of the carnal suede leather ally with the character of the essence of cistus. A perfume like a loving embrace, without restraint."

- Alexandra Carlin

Absinthe is a species of wormwood native to temperate regions of Eurasia and Northern Africa. It is grown as an ornamental plant and is traditionally used medicinally in Europe. In the Antiquity, the Greeks used absinthe infusion as an antidote to hemlock. In 18th-century England, wormwood was sometimes used as a substitute for hops in beer. In the 19th century, French soldiers back from Algeria where they used absinthe as a medicine, brought it as a beverage, and soon, it became very popular among all classes of society to the extent that 5 pm was nicknamed “the green hour” in reference to the colour of the beverage nicknamed “the green fairy”.In Morocco, it is called Sheeba and used in the winter to flavour tea instead of mint.


D in G symbol is the complete and forever symbiosis between Gala and Dalí.

  • Brand: Dali Haute
  • Perfumer: Alexandra Carlin
  • Type: Eau De Parfum
  • Volume: 100ml
  • Gender: Women
  • Olfactory Family: Oriental Woody Musky
  • Notes: Absinthe, Russian Sage, Turkish Rose, Citrus, Suede Leather, Amber

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