Salvador Dali Eau De Rubylips EDT 100 ml

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A Fragrance of Unprecedented freshness and transparency signed by Parfums Salvador Dali. Eau De Rubylips feels like a shiver of tender notes on the skin that is delicately refreshing, almost frosty.

A bouquet of airy white flowers and the savor of ripe fruit to bite into with luscious delight characterize Eau De Rubylips, with flowery, fruity, and ambury notes.

TOP NOTES (The Head): As light as iced, thirst-quenching pulp, and as delicate as the opaline bells of a lily of the valley. Its subtle rose-hint cotton flower adds a touch of glamour.

MIDDLE NOTES (The Nose): Pineapple, succulent like a tangy juice, lightens the floral harmony: matte white magnolia offers a unique contrast that is both citrusy and heady and honeysuckle brings a hint of fruity honey.

BASE NOTES (The Lips): The ambry cedar wood, warm and deep, succumbs to unctuous powdery musk.

  • Brand: Salvador Dali
  • Perfumer: Michel Almairac
  • Type: Eau de Toilette
  • Volume: 100ml
  • Gender: Women
  • Olfactory Family: Floral Fruity
  • Notes: Grapefruit, Cotton Flower, Lily-Of-The-Valley, Pineapple, Magnolia, Honeysuckle, Amber, Musk, Cedarwood
  • Made in France


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