Different Types of Hair Clips: Your Guide to Accessorising in 2024

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Hair clips have long offered a fun and playful way to elevate a hairstyle – from barrette clips to banana clips, to delicate flower pins; there’s a hair clip for every outfit, hairstyle, and hair length. And over the years, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of hair clip trends come and go.

Today’s hair accessory trends have circled back to early 90’s and early 2000’s trends – scroll through TikTok and you’re bound to find styling sessions on adding bows to pony tails, get-ready-with-me videos with functional wave setting clips, and how-to guides on perfecting the claw clip hairstyle.

Hair clips collectively encompass a range of pieces designed to accessorise, hold up, and pin back hair. Some are best suited to short hair, while others work perfectly with long locks. If you’re looking to elevate your wardrobe or your hairstyle repertoire, hair accessories are the perfect way to do just that. Let’s delve into the most stylish (and functional) types of hair clips for 2024:


8 Different Types of Hair Clips

1. Barrette Clips

Barrettes and hair clips are two terms often used interchangeably. However, not all hair clips are barrettes – there’s a clear distinction between the two. Barrettes are usually larger and have a clasp or closure fitting that opens and shuts to hold the hair in place.

Barrettes are inherently French. In fact, the term ‘barrette’ is a French term, which translates from barre (bar) + -ette; to small bar. First created in the 60’s, barrettes are designed to be both elegant and fun, while also functional.


types of hair clips - barrette 

Barrettes can be worn in a bunch of different ways – naturally, the bigger they are, the more hair they can hold. Barrettes can be used to secure hair at the back of the head to keep hair out of the eyes, or to secure a bun, French twist, or even a pony tail.

Barrettes are more suited to longer, thicker hair, as they are larger hair clips than some of the other styles mentioned below. Due to the long flat section of the clip, barrettes come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials. Here at Paris Mode, we’re known for our sleek, luxurious tortoiseshell barrette clips, but also stock a wide range of funky styles adorned with geometric shapes, prints, and colours.


 2. Crocodile Clips 

Crocodile clips are purely functional. They are designed to hold hair out of the way, while working on the hair or styling the hair. You’ll find yourself adorned with crocodile clips when getting your hair cut, coloured, or blow dried – they are almost exclusively used by hairdressers and stylists.


different hair clips - crocodile clips 

 3. Claw Clips

When it comes to different types of hair clips, claw clips are a crowd favourite. Some will try to claim that they are back in fashion – but let’s be honest, they never really left. If you’re not familiar with this type of hair clip, claw clips are exactly what they sound like; a hair clip with a claw-like function on either side to grab and hold the hair in place. The claw clasp is held together with a clasp and a spring to provide tension and hold hair securely.


different hair clips - claw clips

Claw clips are suitable for every hair type and length, although you may struggle to get enough hair together for the clip if you’ve got a pixie cut. They can come in a variety of different materials, colours, and styles. At Paris Mode, we stock an exclusive range of claw clips made from sustainable Italian Acetate, which means they are made to last.

Claw clips can create effortless half-up, half-down hairstyles, as well as French twists, pony tails, and hair buns – definitely a worthwhile addition to your hair clip collection.


4. Bobby Pins

One of the most ubiquitous types of hair clips (or beauty products, for that matter), bobby pins are those small metal hair clips that everyone seems to either never be able to find, or always have a secret stash of at the bottom of their handbag. Bobby pins are more function than form, but that’s not to say that you can’t be creative with how you use them.


bobby pins are types of hair clips

Bobby pins have small bumpy ridges and are used to secure hair in place, as they are placed close to the scalp for a tight grip. Despite the conjecture around ridge up or ridge down, bobby pins are universally useful, easy to use, and can help to secure all hair types and hairstyles.


5. French Hair Pins

French hair pins are a type of hair clip that offers a U-shaped pin to secure the hair in place. If you don’t know how to use French hair pins, they can look somewhat intimidating compared to other styles of hair clips – when in actual fact, French hair pins are the perfect lazy girl hack for chic, effortless updos.

different types of hair clips and pins

French hair pins are best suited to those with shoulder-length or longer hair. Perfect for the iconic French twist style, these hair clips can be used for straight, curly, long, thick, and thin hair to twist the length of the hair and insert the pin to secure it in place.


6. Hair Slides

Hair slides are decorative hair clips, designed to slide into the hair and hold it in place. Perfect for keeping hair off the face, hair slides are for the girls who like to accessorise. At Paris Mode, we stock a wide range of hair slides in a variety of styles, colours, patterns, and metals. Elevate any look with a hair slide adorned with a pearl, tortoiseshell button, or crystals, for an elegant look. Alternatively, make a statement with a side hair clip made from sleek Italian Acetate Cellulose.

hair slides are types of hair clips


7. Banana Clips

Banana clips are a trend that has come back into fashion as of late, one that was born in the 80’s. A concave U-shaped hair clip, the banana clip was fondly named due to the shape resembling one of a banana. Easy to use and suited to all hair types, the banana clip is a type of hair clip that will pull your hair into a pony tail, with your locks cascading down your back in a waterfall fashion.


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8. Side Combs

Side combs are a type of hair accessory that is shaped like a comb and often come in fun and decorative styles. Ideal for both medium and long hair, side combs sit close to the head to hold the hair in place.

The Paris Mode range of side combs come in a wide range of styles, patterns, and materials. Effortlessly chic and undeniably French-inspired, side combs are ideal for hair styling as they don’t cause any strain on the hair, preventing damage and breakage.

side comb hair clips