Handmade French Onyx Handle Comb


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Handmade French Hair Comb with Handle

An elegant classic, enhance your morning hair brushing routine with the smooth and light feel of natural ecological acetate, this comb allows for effortless detangling and styling thanks to its large teeth. They are seamless and have rounded tips, without the little jagged edges that most plastic combs have.

Suitable for all hair types, easy gliding through your hair like silk.

This piece is made from Cellulose Acetate, offering durability, practicality, and a lustrous feel. Showcase this beautifully crafted comb in your bathroom or vanity :a sleek, warm, and eco-friendly piece you’ll never want to use another.

This comb will ensure your hair is healthy and shiny, will reduce breakage caused by normal combs and it has an anti static effect as well.

Features of this Lustrous Comb include:

  • Highest Quality
  • Preserves the hair shaft
  • Timeless
  • Hand Polished to Perfection
  • Durability
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Onyx Colour

Materials That Last

We use high quality Cellulose Acetate, a very strong material made from wool fibres and cotton. It’s Eco-friendly, extra strong, and looks incredible! This comb is .

Experience the best for shiny lustrous hair. Buy your hand made comb today!

Handcrafted in France
Italian Cellulose Acetate
Length ≈ 21 cm
Width ≈ 4 cm