Dali Haute Parfumerie The Daligramme Ma Force

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Ma Force is a mesmerizing scent from which emanates an enigmatic power, a perfume that gives confidence. “I was inspired by the almost mystical power of Gala that shaped Dalí. I imagined a fragrance in which to draw strength, to create, affirm and fulfil oneself. The energetic petitgrain, along with elemi essence and powerful black pepper Jungle EssenceTM, provide energy and freshness. Jasmine's absolute notes vibrate in unison with incense and heliotrope flowers to form a powerful and sensual heart. The voluptuous amber and the woods of oud and sandalwood give the fragrance a mysterious aura. A fragrance with magnetic scents that leaves no one indifferent.”

- Véronique Nyberg

Oud is a very dense, dark aromatic resin produced in the heartwood of agarwood trees when it becomes infected with a certain type of mould and is one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world. The unique odour of oud is complex and pleasing. In the perfume state, the scent is characterized by a combination of oriental-woody and very soft fruity-floral notes, when used as incense, its smoke has sweet-balsamic notes with vanilla, musk and amber facets. The cultural and religious importance of oud is attested in one of the world’s oldest known texts, the Vedas, from India a relic kept in Japan; a large piece of fragrant agarwood from Cambodia, first recorded in the 6th century AD and still publicly presented less than 10 times per century at the Nara National Museum.


Surreal Sea Horse symbol is the most complex of the Daligrams, it evokes the inspiring power of Gala, which is instilled in Dalí, fertilizing and nourishing his creative force.

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