It Is Love Edt Intense 50 Ml

It Is Love Edt Intense 50 Ml




Description : Eau de Toilette Intense Women
Size : 50 ml

IT IS LOVE is the 21th century embodiment of all that is modern and seductive in parfums Salvador Dali.

Together, the scent, the lips and the feminity symbolize love, giving birth to the name IT IS LOVE.

An oriental floral harmony that melds the softness and fullness of feminie fruit and flower notes with warm and enveloping sensual notes. The base notes, especially the sweet amber, bloom in a crescendo, making the fragrance intensively sensual.

TOP NOTES: A bright, fresh zest of grapefruit and intensely suave pomegranate pearl are harmoniously spiced up with pink pepper.

MIDDLE NOTES: The singular and personal everlasting flower, the luxurious blend of Spanish nercissus and the heart iris powder for the emotional depth.

BASE NOTES: Exquisite sensuality radiates of crystal musk, vanilla,sandalwood, sweet amber.

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