Coco Claw Clip

Coco Claw Clip

$ 19.95 AUD

Corne Noire

Coco Claw Clip

Made in France by experts and tested by renowned hairdressers, the fashionable Paris Mode Coco Claw Clip will not only adorn your hair but thanks to its secure lock-in grips is an excellent ponytail holder that will make your favourite hairstyles a breeze.

Experience the finest quality in hair accessories with an extra-strong spring and an elegant, timeless design. Perfectly moulded from high-quality cellulose acetate, this eco-friendly accessory will soon become your long-time friend.

Coco Claw Clip comes in two sizes of medium and small for both thick hair and fine hair types. A conveniently medium size will help you to secure your hair back, due to its strong grips. The small-sized claw clip is a perfect choice for thin hair which will allow you to use your short hair as a ponytail hairstyle.

Make a ponytail with this durable practical hair accessory or twist your hair up in the hair clip when you want to keep it out of the face. Wear Paris Mode Coco Claw Clip in comfort without getting a headache.

Adored Features of Coco Claw Clip

  • Highest Quality
  • Made in France
  • Extra Strong Spring
  • Ageless Hair Clip Design
  • Smooth, Glossy Finish
  • Made to Last
  • Designed for Different Hair Length and Hair Types
  • Includes Chic Paris Mode Branding
  • Small size (2 cm x 5.5 cm)
  • Medium size (7 cm x 3 cm)

High-Quality Materials

Our Coco Claw Clip is made from high-quality Cellulose Acetate. This luxurious, eco-friendly material originates from cotton and wool fibres and is super strong and flexible.


Buy the Coco Claw Clip now and decorate your hair with style and elegance.