Dali Fabulous 2 Edp Intense 100Ml

Dali Fabulous 2 Edp Intense 100Ml




Description: Dalissime Eau de Parfum Spary for Women
Size: 100ml

Perfumer: Marc Buxton (Symrise)

The very sensual and singular fragrance of Dalissime is particularly concentrated in
DALI FABULOUS 2. The Eau de Parfum for women featuring flowers and fruit
whose vivacity happily blends with the fragrance’s voluptuous amber aromas.

TOP NOTES: Offer a luscious basket of fruit where peach, apricot,
blueberry and wild blackberry intermingle in harmony.

MIDDLE NOTES: The scents of lily-of-the-valley’s white notes and jasmine’s
green notes are enveloped in rose and jasmine, enhanced with marigold.

BASE NOTES: Offer a glowing symphony of amber, musk and sandalwood, softened by
vanilla’s sweet facet combined with tonka bean.

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