Concord Hair Clip

Concord Hair Clip

$ 69.95 AUD

Rose Gold

Concord Hair Clip

Made in France by expert craftsmen and tested by renowned hairdressers, the fashionable Paris Mode duckbill hair clip will not only adorn your hair but thanks to its strong spring and excellent alligator hair clip design, will make your favourite hairstyles a breeze.

Experience the finest quality in hair accessories with an extra-strong spring and an elegant, timeless design. Perfectly plated with pure high-quality metal to create a high-shine finish. Made from Eco-Friendly material, this luxurious accessory will soon become your long-time friend. Paris Mode long metal hair clip comes in various metallic tones and due to its strong spring mechanism suits shoulder length hair to long hair as well as thick hairs.

Create a spectacular bun or ponytail with your hair by this luxurious and practical hair accessory, offering durability, longevity, and most importantly – elegance. Wear it in the comfort of your home or show off your style at work. 

Adored Features of Concord Hair Clip

  • Highest Quality
  • Made in France
  • Extra Strong Spring
  • Ageless Hair Clip Design
  • Long-lasting Shiny Finish
  • Made to Last
  • Specifically Designed for Medium to Long Hair and Thick Hair
  • Size (13 cm x 1.5 cm)

High-Quality Materials

Our Concord Hair Clip is made from high-quality plated metal. This luxurious, eco-friendly material originates from nickel-free and lead-free material and is super strong and light-weighted.


Buy Concord Hair Clip now and decorate your hair with style and elegance.