Camellia Crystal French Twist Comb

Camellia Crystal French Twist Comb

$ 179.00 AUD

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Camellia Crystal French Twist Comb

Looking for the Parisian secret hair accessory to create the easy French twist? Look no further than our bestselling French Twist Combs.

Using a comb is the easiest way to create the French twist updo hairstyle that most French women wear every day effortlessly. Take it to the beach, the mall, or even to work. Show off this timeless French Twist Combs wherever you’re strutting. Handcrafted in France and polished to perfection, this elegant French Twist Comb offers versatility to its core.

A classic French twist can be worn with sleek hair as an elegant hairstyle for formal ceremonies and weddings or created with a messy version for a more casual look.

Made from Cellulose Acetate, the edge of the combs are decorated with our iconic Camellia flowers with Swarovski crystals and offer durability, practicality, and a lustrous feature to your ensemble. Turn heads as you head out on the town with a sleek and eco-friendly piece you’ll never want to remove from your hair.

Your hair accentuates your face. Why not accentuate your hair with a handcrafted beauty such as this?  

Adored Features of Camellia Crystal French Twist Combs:

  • Highest Quality
  • Handcrafted in France
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Long-Lasting Twist Combs
  • Offers Maximum Grip
  • Timeless and Trendy Design
  • Smooth, Glossy Finish
  • Perfect for Most Hair Types
  • Includes Chic Paris Mode Branding
  • Size (10 cm x 8.5 cm) with 7 Teeth

Durable Materials

We use Cellulose Acetate, a sustainable material made from wool fibres and cotton, to mould the combs to perfection. It’s Eco-friendly, extra strong, and looks incredible!


Buy your lustrous comb today and experience its chic.