Chantelle Beige Claw Clip

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Chantelle Claw Clip
Chantelle Claw Clip is cut out with filigree design and is suitable for various hair types. This beautiful medium size claw clip will help you to hold your whole hair up in a bun or take just a part of the hair. Our Chantelle Claw Clip is made from Cellulose Acetate. This luxurious, eco-friendly material originates from cotton and wool fibres and is super strong and flexible.

Features of Chantelle Claw Clip
  • Covered Spring
  • Hand Painted
  • Lacquer Coated Finish
  • UV Protected
  • Includes Chic Paris Mode Branding
Please note that this is a hand painted item and the actual item might slightly varies the photo.

Handcrafted in France


Cellulose Acetate
Length ≈ 8 cm
Width ≈ 5 cm