Cristy Medium Tortoiseshell Claw Clip

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Coco Claw Clip

Thanks to the secure lock-in grips, Coco Claw Clip is an excellent ponytail holder that will make your favourite hairstyles a breeze. Coco Claw Clip comes in two sizes of medium and small for both thick hair and fine hair types. A conveniently medium size will help you to secure your hair back, due to its strong grips. The small-sized claw clip is a perfect choice for thin hair which will allow you to use your short hair as a ponytail hairstyle.

Our Coco Claw Clip is made from Cellulose Acetate. This luxurious, eco-friendly material originates from cotton and wool fibres and is super strong and flexible.

 Features of Coco Claw Clip

  • Easy Clip Mechanism
  • Hand Painted
  • Lacquer Coated Finish
  • UV Protected
  • Includes Chic Paris Mode Branding

Please note that this is a hand painted item and the actual item might slightly varies the photo.

Handcrafted in France


Cellulose Acetate
Length ≈ 7 cm
Width ≈ 2.5 cm