Classic 1 cm Leopard Alice Band

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Alice Band Small

Complement every outfit and wear any hairstyle with the Paris Mode comfort headband. Handmade to perfection by the Paris Mode artistic creative team, this piece has a classic shape while empowering you to look your absolute best.

Feel feminine and elegant. Who knew a hair accessory could do so much? You’re chic, and so is your hair – which is why you should wear a special headband to accentuate your beauty. Treat yourself to a headband made especially for you with high-quality material and sleek Paris Mode branding. 


  • Handcrafted with the Highest Quality Materials
  • Durability, Comfort, and Style Wrapped into One Headband
  • Matches any Ensemble
  • Built to Last
  • Made with Love
  • Suits All Hair Types

High-Quality Materials

The Headband Small is made from high-quality Cellulose Acetate. This luxurious, Eco-friendly material originates from cotton and wool fibres and is super strong and flexible.

Handcrafted in France


Italian Cellulose Acetate
Width ≈ 1 cm